It’s all about compliance & integrity!

You will appreciate our client acceptance policy based on trust and confidentiality. All knowledge regarding your business and affairs will be kept confidential by all our staff unless you instruct us to disclose information. However, please be advised that we also have to comply with legal requirements imposed upon us. This means that we will ask for an evidence of identity of parties involved before we may start our client accepance procedure which is based on compulsory regulations as prescribed by amongst others the Dutch National Bank.

In our business we comply with the highest integrity standards and our client acceptance procedure involves a good understanding of the business case.

Transaction monitoring will take place on a real time or post-event base, which will depend on the risks involved in the managed structure.

Compliance is sometimes seen as a cost limiting the immediate business potential of an operation. In our organization we consider compliance as a support to reaching operational excellence which, in addition, will reduce the risk of litigation. It may also enhance the reputation of your business. As a consequence compliance and ethics support commercial development.

We look forward to being of assistance.